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Securing Email with Encryption

One unique characteristic of all information sent online is that there is no way to know where this data might wind up. An email that’s sent unsecured might travel from one computer to one or more servers, and then on to more computers and the data can get into the wrong hands.  Email encryption is the tool that allows users to securely send messages by protecting the data that travels online from inadvertent recipients. The sender “locks” the data in a format that can only be read if the recipient is able to “unlock” the message.


Why Do I Need Encryption?

ALTA’s best practices recommend that Land Title Agents adopt and maintain a written privacy and information security program to protect Non-public Personal Information (NPI) as required by local, state and federal laws.  Email Encryption is highly recommended because Land Title professionals are third-party vendors to Lenders and the requirements placed on Lenders by Gramm-Leach-Bliley and similar laws flow through to title and settlement providers.

The Email Encryption Problem
Most email encryption products are clumsy!  They require the individual opening the encrypted email to jump through hoops by creating accounts, using logons and managing passwords.  Making matters worse, is the fact that most email encryption solutions force the receipient to click on questionable website links and these links can be blocked by lenders and other financial institutions.

The Cloudstar Solution
Cloudstar’s email encryption product allows clients to embrace compliance guidelines without inconveniencing their staff, lenders or end customers.  By leveraging TLS technology, encrypted emails are delivered “Direct-to-Inbox”  with no annoying links, usernames, or passwords!  It doesn't get any easier.

How does Encryption Work?
Automatic Encryption– our system detects NPI such as social security numbers, wire transfer info, etc. and automatically encrypts though a series of predefined filters.
Manually Encryption- a simple lock icon can be downloaded to your Outlook.  Click the lock, then press send.

How is Email Delivered?
Direct-To-Inbox – Emails just show up in your customer’s inboxes.
In some cases, less than 10% of the time, if our system sees a security concern, the recipient will receive a notification that they have an encrypted email.  They simply click one button and retrieve.  No accounts, No usernames, and No passwords.

To use the solution, you must be on a supported email platform.  These include:

- Your Own Exchange / Email Server
- Google Apps for Business
- GoDaddy O365
- App River
- Intermedia
- Sherweb
- MimeCast
- 1and1
- Microsoft Office 365 hosted email

If you’re are not on a supported email platform, Cloudstar can host your email for $ 10.00 / month / mailbox.   The service includes hosted Microsoft Exchange, 10GB of storage and seamless integration with encryption product (encryption license sold separately).

Setting up your new email encryption solution requires several hours of technical work on our side, plus training.  For this we charge a one-time setup charge as low as $949.00.  This covers setup, configuration, and training.

Monthly (per user)
1-10 users $ 7.00 / month
11-50 users $ 6.00 / month
51-100 users $ 5.50 / month
101-150 users $ 5.00 / month
151+ call for pricing

We’re proud to say that we earn our client’s business every month! There are no contracts, and you are free to cancel at any time.

Billing is month to month.  Billing is based off the number of actual users sending email in the previous calendar month.

Q.  Does Cloudstar provide customers with compliance documentation?
A.  Yes.  All applicable SSAE-16, SOC1 and SOC2 audit paperwork is provided upon becoming a Cloudstar customer.

Q.  Is there any delay in sending emails through your service?
A.  Absolutely not.

Q.  Are my message attachments also encrypted?
A.  Yes.  The entire email, and all your attachments are encrypted.

Q.  Do you charge extra for attachments?
A.   No.

Q.  Is there a “per email” charge?
A.  Absolutely not.  The service is unlimited use with no restrictions.

Q.  Will the encrypted emails I send “just show up” or do the people I email need to jump through hoops to open them?
A.  There’s no hoop jumping.  90% of your emails will “just show up” while the remaining 10% are easily accessed by clicking a simple button.

Q.  Are emails sent from my smartphone or tablet encrypted?
A.  Yes.  Any emails passing through the system are able to be encrypted.

Q.  Do I need to download and install any special software?
A.  No.  The system operates entirely in the Cloud.

Q.  Will I need an app for my smartphone to send / receive encrypted email or will it just work.
A.  It just works.

Q.  Do you offer a plugin for Microsoft Outlook?
A.  Yes, there is a free Outlook plugin provided to all clients.   The plug-in adds a “lock icon” to Outlook allowing you to protect any email.

Q.  Do I need to use the Outlook Plugin?
A.  No.  Our advanced policy-based encryption solution will automatically detect and encrypt sensitive information!

Q.  Do the people opening my emails need a username / password?
A.   No.

Q.  What if I want to use a username / password to protect emails I send?
A.  In the unlikely event that this is a requirement, we can enable the use of usernames and passwords.

Q.  I’ve heard that some companies are offering “free email encryption”  Why do you charge?
A.  Nothing in life is free!  Our most loyal customers are folks who thought a free service was a good idea.

Q.  If my company is audited, does Cloudstar provide proof that emails are being encrypted?
A.  Yes.  We can provide you copies of the log files at any time, free of charge.

Q.  Do we need to download software on our computers or server?
A.  No, the entire solution is in the Cloud.

Q.  If I have any questions, or need help, will I be charged for support?
A.  Technical support is 100% free.

Q.  Does Cloudstar scan our outbound emails for viruses and malware?
A.  Yes.  Your reputation is being protected by our real-time threat scanners.

Q.  Will I receive training on all options and features?
A.  Yes.  Every client receives online training as part of their onboarding process.

* Technical Requirements for IT Administrators
- Inhouse servers ust be able to specify outbound smart host
- Port 25 inbound must be enabled (from our IP address)
- Must have valid TLS certificate from an approved provider.  ABA.ECOM, AddTrust, Comodo, DigiCert, GlobalSign, GoDaddy,GeoTrust,  GTE CyberTrust, DST, Entrust, Equifax, NetLock Network Solutions, QuoVadis, RSA, SecureNet, Starfield, Tata, TC TrustCenter, Thawte, Trustis FPS, Usertrust, Valicert, Verisign

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