Executive Team

Gregory G. McDonald, CEO & Founder
Gregory's experience dates back to 1999 when he was retained as a consultant by the Fidelity National family of companies where he built and managed their Northeast regional data center and technology department.  During this time, he founded the consulting firm of McDonald Balabanian & Associates to deliver compliance based technology solutions to title insurance underwriters.  In 2003, Gregory co-founded Internet Documents, one of the first online file repositories for online closing packages.  Knowing the Cloud was the future, Gregory began work on building a cloud based technology company dedicated to serving the needs of the land title industry; in 2009, Cloudstar was born. 

Under Gregory's leadership, Cloudstar has been delivering compliance driven technology solutions to title agents across the country; from 2 person offices to 200 person multi-state operations.  Gregory is a contributing member of the ALTA Technology Committee as well as an active industry speaker; he can be found traveling the country speaking at various real estate, land title and financial services conventions.

Gregory is an avid aviation enthusiast and an active airplane and helicopter pilot.  When not working, Gregory enjoys spending time at the beach with his family.

Cheryl Swopes, COO
Cheryl Swopes serves as Cloudstar's Chief Operations Officer overseeing the general operation of the company while managing the data center, technical support, and technology implementation teams.  Cheryl holds a BS in IDS from Michigan State University and an MA Ed. in administration and organizational leadership.  Prior to joining Cloudstar, Cheryl specialized in online, internet based education having taught classes, and contributed to curriculum, for the Florida Virtual Online School System.

When not working for Cloudstar, Cheryl competes in the Jacksonville, Florida Co-Ed soccer league and plays violin for the Saint Augustine Symphony Orchestra.

John Barnett, SVP, National Sales Operations
John was educated at Wentworth Military Academy and Suffield University in Business Administration.

He started his career as an infantry soldier in the U.S. Army learning discipline, loyalty and the importance of self-development. He has taken these attributes into the civilian sector where he has seen much success in his varied roles.
Moving his career into insurance sales, he was an honored rookie in 1993, a 3 time winner of the coveted “Leader’s Trip” and inducted into Sentry’s “Black Watch Regiment” as a top producer. In 1996 John transitioned into management where he took the team from 12th to number 2 in the division within 9 months.

John returned to California and began working in the telecommunications industry with TW Telecom where he achieved 150% of goal.  Shortly thereafter, he was recruited to be the Regional Vice President of Sales for Nuvon, Inc., where he built both direct and indirect channels to foster sales.

In his off time, John’s primary distraction are his children. Whether watching his daughter dance or his son play sports, John is very active in their lives. While his son was in a youth football league John sat on the Board as the chairperson for Fund Raisers and Sponsorships. John also enjoys the adventure of being in a hot air balloon over the Napa Valley!

Department Managers
Christopher Cury, EVP of Operations
Daniel Krieger, Director of Technical Support
Alicia Gonsalves, FL Back Office Manager
Abdul Rajput, Telecom Dept. Manager.
Steve LaGreca, Head Engineer & Project Team Manager
Chris Everard, Data Migration Team Manager

Cloudstar is a DBA of the Keystone Management Group, LLC family of companies.