Our Mission

Dear Colleague,
As we step from the shadows of the past, we find ourselves greeted by a new reality.  A reality in which Identify theft is fast becoming the crime of our time, and governments are responding with increased regulation and oversight.  Gone are the days where we can leave the cyber doors of our company unlocked and unattended.
To thrive in the face of change, we must all work together.  Underwriters, lenders, technology companies, and third party service providers are integrating and connecting in new and ever changing ways.  Folks, we are headed into exciting times.
Our core principals:
* Compliance is not enough.  Almost every high profile data breach happened to organizations with near perfect compliance records.
* Compliance is a team effort.  We are all in this together.  We are committed to working with underwriters, technology providers, title agents and third party services providers to provide for a better overall consumer experience.
* Compliance is a journey, not a destination.  If you’re working hard just to place a checkmark on an auditor’s clipboard, you’re missing the point.  Good data security and technology competence is what makes your organization highly desirable to do business with.
The fact remains that our title offices are a thief’s paradise; not just for escrow funds, but for the information contained in our files.  Those that adopt the attitude of “let’s wait and see” will wither and die.  We owe it to our customers, our industry, and ourselves to take action now.
Our mission is to partner with great title companies, provide exemplary support, and in concert with our clients, propel the land title industry into the future into a secure and prosperous future.
Warm Regards,
Gregory McDonald
CEO & Founder