TitleKey - Secure Password Management

Reduce password fatigue while increasing security.

Cloud Computing has become the preferred direction for most organizations.  As organizations embrace the Cloud, they move critical and sensitive data beyond the corporate firewall out onto the internet, which means that sensitive data like personal information, client financials, payoffs, HUDS and other NPI can be accessed by anyone with a password or password cracker.  Making matters worse, your employees will often give up on remembering complex passwords and start writing them down on paper.

Despite the inherent security risk, easily defeated "password only based authentication" is the predominant security method for accessing very sensitive cloud data and services.    With the massive adoption of cloud computing, it’s even more critical to deploy an authentication solution which provides real security and data protection.  Protect your title compay today using the title industry's strongest password, and two-factor authentication solution, TitleKey.

Using TitleKey, Title Companies can select their preferred method of logging in.  Title Key will work on any device including smart phones, tablets, laptops to personal computers.

Three unique authentication scenarios, “soft tokens, hard tokens and invisible token” will allow organizations to determine which strong authentication method best suits their needs.


Soft Tokens:

Email Authentication:  Upon submission of a username and password on the TitleKey portal, the user will be sent an email message One Time Password (OTP) via their smart device.

Mobile SMS Text Authentication: Upon a submission of a username and password on the TitleKey portal, the user will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) SMS message via their smart device.

EToken Mobile & PC:  Upon a submission of the users’ PIN number on the dial pad, a One Time Password is displayed for user to enter onto TitleKey portal.

Virtual PIN Pad Smart Card:  When a user enters their correct Personal Identification Number (PIN) number on the dial pad then a One Time Password is displayed for user to enter onto DA login portal.


Hard Tokens:

Authenticate Display Card: Uses an event based push button to display a One Time Password.

Authentication PIN Pad Smart Card: uses a PIN number on the key pad to authenticate the user, then the card displays a One Time Password.


Invisible Cloud Token:

True Token less technology, the Web Browser becomes the users’ OTP-token that is independent of the device.   Eliminating the need to install any software - all the user needs is a Web Browser.   Our Invisible Token does not rely on easily spoofed PKI technology.  Upon submission of a username and password on the TitleKey portal, the user will be sent a One Time Password (OTP) SMS message via their smart device.  After the 2 Factor Authentication, the user will not have to authenticate again for the rest of the day even after exiting the application and closing the browser.  This convenience can be extended for up to 19 days without the user having to 2 factor authenticate.   The convenience of Invisible Cloud Token along with our Single Sign on Resource Portal will allow your workforce to become much more efficient and productive.


Single Sign On:

Cloudstar has changed the dynamics of accessing multiple applications with a Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality to provide access to Email, Titel Production Systems, Web Sites, and more. Now, using Cloudstar's TitleKey authentication technology, each of your applications can become a “resource” delivered over the cloud using TitleKey's strong two-factor authenticator technology.  In addition, each session is secured with TitleKey's Authenticator portal using TitleKey's 6A’s philosophy:  Security Architecture: Assess, Authenticate, Authorize, Assess, Audit and Abolish policies.


Don't become another cybercrime statistic, call Cloudstar today!