Cloudstar Relocates to Secure Banking-Grade Facility

1/5/15 Jacksonville, Florida

Cloudstar is proud to announce the relocation of our Florida corporate offices and Network Command Center to 4800 Spring Park Road, Jacksonville, Florida. The Spring Park building is a technologically advanced, 120,000 square foot, hardened category 5 bunker facility with unique security features. The physical infrastructure is equipped with reinforced concrete walls and windows covered by steel mesh screens that can withstand a 200 MPH projectile. The glass doorways are outfitted with roll-down steel doors that can cover the glass in an emergency. The facility was built twenty-two feet above ground and has a series of pumps underneath to keep any water out. There are three large diesel generators on-site that will ensure a continuous power supply in case of a power outage and a 15,000 gallon fuel tank to power the generators for a four week period. This move ensures that our staff can continue working under any possible condition.

Other notable tenants in our bunker facility include Fidelity National Information Systems, FNF, LifeLock, Everbank, and GE Capital.

Cloudstar is also proud to announce the launch of our third generation cloud. Our new private infrastructure is purpose built to be the fastest cloud in the land title industry featuring 100% solid-state enterprise storage and two-factor authentication for all clients. All Cloudstar solutions are provided to the customer with a 99.99% written uptime guarantee.