Remote Data Backup

Chances are every computer user has experienced that moment of panic a split second after closing a screen, tab or program. Was the document saved? Did hours of tedious work just disappear? Many people learn the hard way that saving work periodically can protect them from a great deal of stress. Many businesses, however, fail to take the same approach to the their entire body of work.

A software failure, hardware malfunction or natural disaster can knock a business to its knees in seconds. A cloud backup service can be an essential lifeboat in times of trouble. Here are a few data loss statistics every business owner should be aware of when deciding whether or not data backup is essential.

* According to information provided by Safeware, 29 percent of data loss occurs because of human error. No matter how state of the art a system is, a single human mistake can damage data.

* Hardware failure makes up approximately 40 percent of data loss in the United States. Companies that rely on in-house backup systems may experience problems with backup hardware, leading to unrecoverable losses.

* Over 70% of data restorations from tape backup media fail.

With Cloudstar remote data backup & recovery, your company is protected! Your data is stored in dual 256bit AES encrypted Cloud Vaults located in different parts of the country.

Cloudstar is here to help you recover, 24x7x365 in the event of a data loss.